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Service Targets

‧Soldier (including cadets in military academies) and their dependents ‧Reservists ,Veterans ,and their dependents ‧Civilians and their dependents

Our Principles of Management

1. Customers First, Quality of products First, Quality of Service First.

2. Meet needs of Customers

3. Improve our service and welfare of the soldier, veterans and their dependents.

‧Our service stations open all year except Chinese New Year.

‧ General Welfare Service Ministry of R.O.C. is an public, just and fair organization. If you want to sale your own products in our service stations. Please contact General Welfare Service Ministr directly.

‧If you want to give us suggestions , you may call the toll-free number (+886) 800-000-032.

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Address:10048 6.F, No.3, Sec. 1, Sinyi Rd., Jhongjheng District, Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Post Box:台北郵政90036號信箱
Tel:(+886)2-2392-2377 toll-free number:0800-000-032
ServiceTime:monday~friday 早上08:00~下午17:00
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